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Bridge Media, Inc. is an award-winning media production company with offices in the San Francisco and Sacramento areas. Formed in 1994 by Dianne Fukami and gayle k. yamada, Bridge Media has extensive experience in video, television, radio, print, and multimedia production. Our goal is to produce programs and projects in a fun and creative way to educate people and make a difference.

Contact Information

Bridge Media, Inc.

Central Valley area phone:  530.308.4800
San Francisco area phone: 510.531.6906
San Francisco area fax: 510.531.5592

Awards and Recognition

Awards include: the Edward R. Murrow Award for news documentary, a CINE Golden Eagle, a Northern California Emmy and several Emmy nominations, a National Emmy nomination, a number of Silver Apples for educational pieces, several Associated Press awards, and Asian American Journalists Association awards for both television and radio reporting.

Our Work

A recent production is The Spirit of Taiko, a documentary about taiko (drumming) in the United States. We trace the taiko movement from its early days when Grand Master Seiichi Tanaka brought it to California, and today is evolving into a dynamic performance art. It has been broadcast on PBS stations nationwide.

Another production is Uncommon Courage: Patriotism and Civil Liberties, a documentary about the Japanese American soldiers who fought for the United States, serving in the Military Intelligence Service during World War II. Produced, written, and directed by gayle k. yamada, it has been shown on PBS stations throughout the country.

Other productions include Asian Treasure Bag of Folk Tales, co-produced with storyteller performers Nancy Wang and Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo, which features stories from Korea, China, the Philippines, and Japan.

Bridge Media’s television credits include Yan Can Cook for PBS, Art of the Athlete and Diet Doctor for Discovery Channel's FitTV network, the Bay to Breakers race for KPIX-TV, the New Year’s Live Millennium show for KRON-TV, the Citibank Regatta for KPIX-TV, Women Entrepreneurs for KPIX-TV, and the Children’s Miracle Network for both KGO-TV and KPIX-TV.

To see a list of available works produced by Bridge Media (including a selection of video clips), view the Catalog page. Works can be purchased online in our store, or mail ordered using our printable order form.

Other questions about the buying process can be found in our FAQs page.

Our Background

Prior to founding Bridge Media, Dianne Fukami and gayle k. yamada had pioneering careers as executives in broadcasting.

Dianne Fukami was a news executive for the CBS station KPIX-TV in San Francisco and worked there for nearly 15 years. She served as an Executive Producer for a documentary on the Chinese Exclusion Act, Separate Lives: Broken Dreams, which was nominated for a national Emmy and won a regional Emmy for Best Documentary. She was producer, writer, and director for several documentaries on the Japanese American experience for PBS station KCSM-TV.

gayle k. yamada is an award-winning executive producer/producer/director/writer with extensive experience in commercial, public, and cable television and radio, including documentaries, informational series, cultural performances, feature-length segments, news, corporate videos, and non-broadcast educational projects. She works on studio and field-based programs, national and local programs, and live and taped programs, and has taught at the university and middle school levels, co-authored two books, and was a newspaper columnist.

Client List
Bridge Media, Inc. and its producers are proud to have worked with the following clients:

  • Asian Community Mental Health Services
  • Asian Health Services
  • Asian Law Caucus
  • Asian Pacific Fund
  • Children’s Hospital Oakland
  • Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District
  • Japanese American Citizens League
  • Japanese American Services of the East Bay
  • Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Northern California
  • Japanese Community and Cultural Center of Northern California
  • Japanese Community Youth Council
  • JRP Historical Consulting Services
  • KGO-TV
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Marcus A. Foster Educational Institute
  • MegTv
  • Metropolitan Transportation Commission
  • Military Intelligence Service Association of Northern California
  • National Japanese American Historical Society
  • National Japanese American Memorial Foundation
  • NHK, Japan
  • Pacific Maritime Association
  • PushyBroad
  • Strategy and Communications Consultants
  • United Negro College Fund
  • VisionsPlus
  • Yan Can Cook, Inc.